Saturday, 7 September 2013

Replay Store by Vertical Garden Design, Florence

Browsing for inspiration for my uni project I came across this retail shop. I have seen this kind of concept before of green plant wall in restaurants however I haven't seen anything like this in retail shops, which seems pretty cool.
The project at the new Replay concept store in Florence was completed in spring 2009. The vertical garden is a part of an ecological theme developed by the architects. It covers a 7m high L-shaped wall in the 3-storey boutique.

The garden is inspired by the undergrowth of a temperate forest, similar to what could be found in the lower parts of the hills not too far away from the city of Florence. Although as with any indoor garden, the plants themselves are of mostly of tropical origin to do well in the indoor climate. The overall picture is a soft, yet dense and fresh greenery.

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