Monday, 31 October 2011

For this project I have worked in a team of 4, each one of us has designed a floor each.
As I have designed the living room area I wanted to bring a lot of natural materials into the design like conker flooring, bamboo and other type of wood furniture.
The fire place is built into the wall and is made from glass that lets the natural light in and you are able to see through it. The wall acts like a parition wall, dividing one large area into two.

Living room design based on the mood board

Eco Warrior

The design is based on an Eco Warrior client. When you first have a look at the design theme from the interior point of view and architectural design, it looks pretty normal like any 21st century modern building. However it’s the materials that were used for the design that makes the building eco friendly, such as wood, triple glazing windows and solar panels for the roof.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Design Event MART 2011

Visit to Design Event MART October 2011 exhibition at the Baltic in Newcastle.

I must say some of the designs that I have seen where pretty impressive, shame can't say the same about the prices that the designs where on sale for. Yes the designs where unique and hand made but over £300 for card made deer head I mean reall ??? Don't get me wrong been a designer my self I understand the time and efford that has been put in into these designs but I still think it's a little bit over pricey but that's just my personal opinion.

Here is a some of the designs at the event.

                                                                                                 David Irwin
David Irwin is an award winning industrial designer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, working within the spectrums of furniture, interior product and lighting. David Irwin

RASKL Limited is a design firm specialising in the design and production of highly personalised and individual furniture, as well as offering prototyping services to the furniture, interiors and construction industries.

Deadgood products are sold in prestigious department stores worldwide including Liberty of London, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and La Rinascente in Milan. 
Psalt Design
For some reason this design has really cough my eye, I guess it's because you just don't see fish bowls like this every day.
Psalt Design is a Sheffield based design studio specialising in unique, well-crafted furniture and product design. A collaboration between Richard Bell, Thomas McKeown and David Powell, Psalt Design work together to produce several collections per year as well as working on a client and commission basis.

If you liked some of these designs or would like more information on them, please visit the designers website address which I have provided next to each image.
                    Superfauna is a new collaboration between young designers Amy Levinson and Daniel Rose.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Well if you’re up near the Arctic Circle in Sweden some day and feel like living the life of a bird, look no further than The Tree Hotel in Harads, Sweden.
You really can’t get much closer to nature than being in the trees, observing and experiencing