Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tekio By Anthony Dickens

Yes many viewing this will think what the hell is that, well ladies and gentlemen it is a LAMP SHADE by
Anthony Dickens.

Anthony Dickens travels as well as the Japanese Cochin paper lantern inspired the Tekio lighting system. Tekio is the Japanese word for (adaptation) The framed paper tubes can be bent and connected into any shape that you desire so your options are limitless.


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

House on the Bluffs by Taylor Smith Architects

Located on the Scarborough Bluffs on the shoreline of Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada, the house was built on the same foundation of the owner’s childhood home. The house, designed by Taylor Smyth Architects, features clean, modern lines that fit well within the mature landscape that closely surrounds it. Local limestone covers the recessed walls on the front of the house and is carried on throughout the inside, bringing the outside in.
I absolutely love this design front of the house definitely brings the outside in, I really like the idea of use of glass, large windows/glass walls brings natural light in which I think is very important in todays design.

The Baltic Exhibition

The world's most recognised and prestigious award for contemporary art, the Turner Prize presents the very best of current British art.

My latest visit to the Baltic (Newcastle) Exhibition.

Karla Black’s work draws from a multiplicity of artistic traditions. Her large scale sculptures include modest everyday substances, along with very traditional art-making materials to create abstract formations.

A large blanket of cling film is draped across the floor coated with baby oil gel and paint, the liquid balms the surface and collects in its crevices as pools, creating a microcosmic ecology suggestive of generation and sustainability.

I actualy don't know what to think about her design ideas, yes there is a nice concept behind it
but maybe a 5 year old would have a same simolor idea.

Martin Boyce's work creates atmospheric, sculptural art inspired by modernist design history, which it often directly quotes, writes Matthew Cain.
Typically, Boyce's work relates to and transforms the space around it, creating atmospheric, sculptural art inspired by modernist design history, which it often directly quotes.
This major exhibition of the work of British artist George Shaw brings together some forty paintings from 1996 to the present day. Within a practice that has encompassed drawing, video-making, performance and writing, Shaw is best known for his expansive body of painting.

So yes I thought the whole exhibition was a disappointment compare to my last visit.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Hannah Nunn collection

The Hannah Nunn collection is a beautiful range of paper cut lighting inspired by the botanical world.

Hannah designs and makes the lamps in her workshop within Radiance her lighting and craft boutique in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.
You can choose from  from table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, pendant lampshades.


Ceiling Shades

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Colago aka the Hangman Lamp

Been a young student designer I have came across some weird lamps but nothing like this before. The idea has came obviously from the most simple game know to every one (Hangman). It is simple however very different and that's why I like it, as it's not something that you would see every day.
The lamp has been handmade and materials used electric wire and iron.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hush pod chair

How cool are these Hush pod chairs from designer Freyja Sewell ? Designed to create an enclosed personal retreat, these chairs can also be folded to create a more traditional seat.

Hush is made from 100% wool felt and its cushions are stuffed with recycled wool fibers.
Hush was recently selected for Grand Designs Live as one of Kevin McClouds Green Heros.