Friday, 16 September 2011

The Lake Forest Park Residence by Finne Architects

Finne Architects have completed a renovation to a 1950s Northwest Contemporary house on a secluded, wooded site about 25 miles north of Seattle, Washington.
 Custom fabrications included the cast-glass kitchen counter, steel wall panels, suspended steel mirror frames, laser-cut steel shade valences, custom steel lighting bars, hand-blown glass light fixtures.

Living room


Master bedroom
The intense craftsmanship and detailing of the renovation speaks also to a very important sustainable principle: build it well and it will last for many, many years!
Sustainable design is not simply creating a laundry-list of green materials, it is  rather creating enduring building form and construction with appropriate long life-cycle, low-energy consuming materials.

Chair inspired by architect Ninna Helena Olsen

Chairs by architect Nina Helena Olsen are like a work of a crazy origami project.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wood design home interior

Residential interior design wood makes it look unique and attractive to the eye.
Stately structure, filled with equal parts light, comfort, and elegance.

Natural light and simple symmetry to create a peaceful space that welcomes you to relax and let go of tired.