Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mistral wine and champagne bar by Studio Arthur Casas and Sao Paulo

A new wine and champagne bar called Mistral. The space was long, hollow, and had high ceilings. Casas built out the shop and used it’s length to his advantage. The architect designed a long hallway, where the walls are angled and lined with a high gloss white plastic, black mirror, and vertical slats of raw wood. Wine bottles are held in the wall by cut out holes, just big enough for the bottle shaft.
With each label facing upward, Mistral’s store guests can walk through the shop and easily view the products. The long hallway leads into the bar area, where the wall materials from the wine display area continue. The space is modern, yet warm and approachable; making it a great spot to grab some friends and enjoy a wine tasting.

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  1. This is a lovely and modern place for wine tasting. The atmosphere looks so warm and welcoming. A good place to enjoy tasty wines with friends and family.