Saturday, 7 September 2013

Bread & Butter Berlin 2012 Summer – RELISH

I posted previously about a retail shop that had great plant feature wall concept, which I haven't seen before in retail until space until now. I like the concept of bringing nature into retail if there is a good reason behind it however,this shop has gone way over the top. With whole walls covered with fake plants and grass flooring.
Having nearly whole shop covered in fake plants just makes the shop seem cheap and tacky.

Not only the walls are tacky but the fixtures seem boring and dull. The clothing rails look more like they belong in the stock room rather on the shop floor.

At least I can give thumbs up to the exterior of the shop, which draws attention. However when I still look at the exterior it just makes me think it's more of a restaurant or a flower shop rather than a retail space.

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  1. That is some unique way of planning retail, at least business is coming up with unique ideas of having retail outlets. Good post