Monday, 29 July 2013

Ultimate in downsizing

Ultimate in downsizing: The £17,000 micro-house that covers just 65sqft and has a kitchen, bedroom and shower

  • The wooden Diogene house has a living space of 2.5 metres by 3 metres
  • Its interior is split in two and has a living room, shower, bed and storage
  • Diogene was created by the architect who designed The Shard in London
  • The energy-efficient micro-house is available to buy for £17,000

  • Italian architect Renzo Piano, famous for designing The Shard skyscraper in London, has created a micro-house called Diogene, pictured. It covers only 65sqft, can fit into the back of a lorry and comes with a kitchenette, shower and bedroom.

    The interior is split into two halves with a living room in the front, consisting of a pullout sofa, folding table, chairs and storage. The rear of the house, situated behind a partition, is a small kitchen with electric stove and fridge, a shower and toilet, and more storage.
    The Diogene house pictured from above. The £17,200 building has a front and back door. It is 12ft tall and the bed sleeps a person up to around 6ft tall

    Energy for the appliances in the kitchenette is captured by solar panels fitted to the roof.
    The structure also has a water collection system that captures rainwater and harvests it into drinking water.



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