Thursday, 26 May 2011

First Year Progression on Interior Architecture course

First year on Interior/Architecture course has ended now. To be honest the course was like a rollercoaster ride, I had ups and downs on the course as I had to deal with personal matters and higher education at same time. However I think the course was very beneficial to me, it has helped me to develop my skills in more professional way.
During the whole academic year I had different projects ( nine in total ) at first I found the projects a bit difficult and challenging to handle as I did not fully understood if am doing everything what is asked from me however more and more into the year I have started to understand the course better and progress my skills more.
Over the year not only have I developed new skills but have also leaned new things about myself. SWOT analysis has helped me to recognise my strengths and my weakness, which was a useful way to improve on my weakest.
I am a very determent person and always have set out goals in my life. To successfully complete this course I have set out an action plan for myself which I am hoping to achieve in the next academic year.

·         Work on hand drawings
·         Work closer on digital skills (rendering packages)
·         Create a professional portfolio
·         Go out on a placement
·         Finish successfully the course

Due to its beautiful refraction effects the sticks appear as if they are soaked underwater.


mg (milligram) is a concrete furniture series designed for the Japanese concrete maker Creative Works Inc., Ltd. With their special techniques of using exposed concrete, they weigh only 1/20 of what concrete object weigh normally.
Modern Shinkin Bank the ceiling interior is decorated with dandelion puff motifs that seem to float and drift through the air. ATMs, teller windows, consultation booths and an open space laid out with chairs in 14 different colours are located on the first floor. Also three long glass air wells thread through the first and second levels of the building, flooding the interior with natural light.
For the building project this Bank by Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture trying to create a refreshing atmosphere and modern sense of nature based on an open sky motif and only in Japan.
Exterior 12 layers of colour scheme, a rainbow-like stack of coloured layers, peeking out to welcome visitors which also applied to interior design and furniture sets.

Modern bank architectural design

Modern Shinkin Bank in Japan

Desined by Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture

The Shinkin Bank in Japan is a credit union that strives to provide first-rate hospitality to its customers in accordance with its motto.