Thursday, 26 May 2011

First Year Progression on Interior Architecture course

First year on Interior/Architecture course has ended now. To be honest the course was like a rollercoaster ride, I had ups and downs on the course as I had to deal with personal matters and higher education at same time. However I think the course was very beneficial to me, it has helped me to develop my skills in more professional way.
During the whole academic year I had different projects ( nine in total ) at first I found the projects a bit difficult and challenging to handle as I did not fully understood if am doing everything what is asked from me however more and more into the year I have started to understand the course better and progress my skills more.
Over the year not only have I developed new skills but have also leaned new things about myself. SWOT analysis has helped me to recognise my strengths and my weakness, which was a useful way to improve on my weakest.
I am a very determent person and always have set out goals in my life. To successfully complete this course I have set out an action plan for myself which I am hoping to achieve in the next academic year.

·         Work on hand drawings
·         Work closer on digital skills (rendering packages)
·         Create a professional portfolio
·         Go out on a placement
·         Finish successfully the course

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