Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Designer Rob Lovegrove has a concept of a “car on a stick”  a sort of cross between a car and a lamp-post.
 The little bubble-shaped vehicle, with its strange, flower-like interior design, carries up to four passengers and  their shopping around the mall, taking voice commands and using satellite navigation.
It’s solar powered, and completely electric, and when you’ve had enough of it, you just park it up. But there’s more, instead of taking up space and languishing unused at night, the little car somehow gets elevated on a telescopic pole, and lights up to become a street lamp.


Crazy interior design, with fridge as clothing “rack”…

Paris France


Monday, 12 August 2013

Inside the campervan fit for a boy racer

Inside the campervan fit for a boy racer: £55,000 VW pimped up with flatscreen TVs, three electric sunroofs and Porsche alloy wheels

A company that customises VW campervans asked its employees to design their money-no-object, dream vehicle, and this is what they came up with.
A £55,000, state-of-the-art moving palace, with hidden Sony Bravia flatscreen TVs, rear-view camera, and ultra-high spec entertainment system.
The iconic VW Type 2 campervan has been customised by Bristol-based Danbury Motorcaravans, and costs twice the price of their average camper.

Pimp my ride: The Project 1 VW campervan boasts a host of features to justify its £55,000 price tag

Built as a one-off for fun, the van dubbed Project 1 has everything those who pimp vans for a living would want in their ultimate vehicle.
It comes with all the usual campervan regulars like a galley kitchen, comfortable seats and a bed, but also has top of the range features including two flatscreen TVs, three electric sunroofs, four swivelling chairs and Porsche alloy wheels.
The van also boasts super-bright headlights, a custom white, black and orange paint job, and a hidden king-size bed, while the whole chassis has been lowered to just a few inches off the floor.
The £55,000 van boasts a sleek kitchen with fridge, cooker and sink, plus a king-size bed and flatscreen TVs

The original vans were called Type 2, following on from their first offering the Type 1, which is better known nowadays as the Beetle.

Production in the UK stopped in 1967 but continued in South America, and Brazil is the only country in the world still manufacturing Type 2 campervans.
Danbury sells customised Type 2 campervans which cost from around £27,000.